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Geodesy and Cartography (Poland)


GEODESY AND CARTOGRAPHY publishes semi-annually peer-reviewed articles with original solutions of theoretical, experimental or applicable problems in the field of geodesy, surveying engineering and related disciplines. Besides original research papers, the journal includes commissioned review papers on topical subjects and special issues arising from chosen scientific symposia or workshops

The publication is partly financed by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research.

Information on the Journal is available here.

Geodesy and Cartography, Poland, Vol. 60., No. 2.

Robert Duchnowski, Zbigniew Wiśniewski: Shift-Msplit estimation Wolfgang Keller, Andrzej Borkowski: Wavelet based buildings segmentation in airborne laser scanning data set Robert Duchnowski: S(...)

Geodesy and Cartography, Poland, Vol. 60., No. 1.

Table of Contents Mieczysław Kwasniak - Effectiveness of chosen robust estimation methods compared to the level of network reliability Waldemar Kaminski - DiSTFAG method robust to gross errors in monitoring displacements and strains in unstable reference systems Krzysztof K. Vorbrich - (...)

Geodesy and Cartography, Poland, Vol 59. No. 2

Witold Prószyński – Problem of partitioned bases in monitoring vertical displacements for elongated structures Marcin Ligas, Marek Kulczycki – Simple spatial prediction - least squares prediction, simple kriging, and conditional expectation of normal vector Urszula Marmol - (...)

Geodesy and Cartography (Poland) - Vol. 59 No. 1.

Contents Edward Osada, Kateryna Sergieieva, Viktor Lishchuk – Improvement of the total station 3D adjustment by using precise geoid model Maria Mrówczyńska – Approximation abilities of neuro-fuzzy networks Andrzej Banachowicz, Adam Wolski - (...)

Geodesy and Cartography (Poland) - Vol. 58 No. 2.

CONTENTS Malgorzata Szelachowska, Jan Krynski – Evaluation of the effect of uncertainty of height data on the accuracy of terrain corrections Markus Antoni, Andrzej Borkowski, Wolfgang Keller, Magdalena Owczarek – Verification of localized GRACE solutions by the Polish quasigeoid Waldemar(...)

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