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Commission 2 - Gravity Field (2003-2007)

President: Christopher Jekeli (USA)   Terms of Reference and Objectives (2003-2007) Knowledge of the gravity field in space and its temporal variations is of prime importance for geodesy, navigation, geophysics, geodynamics, and related disciplines. Efficient and accurate modeling of the field spans a broad spectrum of activities that utilize data from ground, airborne, and satellite systems. An important subset of these modeling effor(...)

Commission 3 - Geodynamics and Earth Rotation (2003-2007)

President: Veronique Dehant   Terms of Reference (2003-2007) In the frame of geodesy, geodynamics deals with the natural forces and processes, of the Earth's interior and crust as observed by means of geodetic measurements. The Earth rotation deals with all the Earth orientation parameters, i.e. polar motion, length-of-day variations, precession and nutation, which allow transformation from a terrestrial reference frame to a celestial(...)

Commission 4 - Positioning & Applications (2003-2007)

President: Chris Rizos (Australia) Terms of Reference (2003-2007) To promote research into the development of a number of geodetic tools that have practical applications to engineering and mapping. The Commission will carry out its work in close cooperation with the IAG Services and other IAG Entities, as well as via linkages with relevant Entities within Scientific and Professional Sister Organizations. Recognizing the central role that Glo(...)

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