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IAG Report for 2003

(1) Central Bureau activities. The Bureau publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, which is printed in the Journal of Geodesy. This is distributed with the Journal to all national representatives and the members of the IAG Executive Committee. The newsletter includes a listing of all geodetic publications (provided by the IAGBibliographic Service). It also includes updates to the Geodesists Handbook and meeting reports. The Central Bureau has maintained the IAG home-pa(...)

Structure of the International Association of Geodesy

Bureau   President Gerhard Beutler (Switzerland)   Vice President Michael Sideris (Canada)   Secretary General C. C. Tscherning (Denmark) (...)

Budget 2003-2006

 Budget for   2003 - 31.12.2006  Expenditures  &nbs(...)

Proposal to establish the Inter-Commission Committee on Geodetic Standards (ICCGS)

Planning Group B. Heck (Chair, EC) E. Groten L. Hothem J. Ihde D. McCarthy E. Pavlis C. Wilson (EC) Rationale The scientific work of the Commissions, Services and Projects in IAG is largely based on models, parameters, procedures and algorithms which should be used in a consistent way in the different branches of Geodesy and the IAG sub-entities. To achieve consistency in the standards proposed by different organizations, close cooperation betw(...)

Proposal for the Creation of an Inter-Commission Committee on Planetary Geodesy (ICCPG)

Planning Group From the IAG EC: Michael Sideris Others: George Balmino Veronique Dehant Jean-Pierre Barriot Chris Rizos Philippa Berry Dave Smith Maria Zuber Rationale Geodesy of the planets of the solar system and their satellites is a domain of potential IAG expansion in view of the planetary missions, such as the present missions to Mars, the Moon and the giant planets, and the future missions to Mars, the Moon, Venus, M(...)

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