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IAG Young Authors' Awards


Alvaro Santamaría Gómez (2014)

The awardee, Alvaro Santamaría-Gómez, took his first steps in geodesy during his undergraduate degree in land surveying at the University of Salamanca in 2002 and then during his graduate degree in geodesy at the Technical University of Madrid in 2005. (...)

Krzysztof Jakub Sośnica (2013)

The IAG Young Authors Award 2013 is presented to Krzysztof Jakub Sośnica for his paper “Impact of loading displacements on SLR-derived parameters and on the consistency between GNSS and SLR results” written together with the co-authors and advisors Daniela Thaller, Rolf Dach, Adrian Jäggi, and Gerhard Beutler. (...)

Elizabeth Petrie (2011)

The IAG Young Authors Award is granted at each IAG General or Scientific Assembly for important contributions of young authors in the Journal of Geodesy. In 2011 is was presented to Elizabeth Petrie, Newcastle University, UK, for her paper \"A first look at the effects of ionospheric signal bending on a globally processed GPS network\" published in Journal of Geodesy, Vol. 84, 491-499, 2010. The paper deals with the general area of higher order ionospheric effects in dual (...)

2000 IAG Young Author Award.

The IAG Young Author Award for 2000 was split between two winners. The Award consists of a certificate and a check of US$ 500, which was handed out during the opening ceremony of the IAG Scientific Assembly in Budapest. The IAG best paper award for young scientist for 2000 was given to Christopher Kotsakis and Rüdiger Lehmann. Christopher Kotsakis Christopher Kotsakis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1970. After graduating with a Dipl.-Eng. (Honours) fr(...)