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Guy Bomford Prize


Yoshiyuki Tanaka (2015)

Physical modeling of gravity field variations to explore mechanisms of great earthquakes by Yoshiyuki Tanaka (Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan) GNSSs have detected postseismic crustal deformations due to megathrust earthquakes that occur in island-arc trench systems. Such crustal deformation data have been interpreted by combining three mechanisms: afterslip, poroelastic rebound and viscoelastic relaxation. It is seismologica(...)

Johannes Böhm (2011)

Atmospheric Effects in Space Geodesy by Johannes Böhm (...)

Masato Furuya (2007)

IAG President Beutler, Ladies and Gentlemen: It is a great honour to receive the 2007 Guy Bomford Prize. I express my sincere gratitude to the Central Bureau of IAG, Shuzo Takemoto, John Wahr, and all others not only in Japan but also in the world who took the time to present this prize to me. My research has been focused on the geodetic measurements of geodynamic phenomena and their geophysical interpretations. I was really fortunate to have been in the right place at the(...)

Ramon Hanssen (2003)

Dr. Ramon Hanssen was declared the winner of the Bomford Prize 2003 by the IAG Bureau, on the recommendation of a review committee consisting primarily of the Presidents of the IAG Sections. The Bomford Prize is awarded to a young scientist or to a team young scientists for outstanding theoretical or applied contributions to geodetic studies, particularly in the four year period preceding the General Assembly at which the award is made. A Cheque of 2000 US $ and a certifi(...)