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Geodesy in a Nutshell (NASA movie)

This short movie, provided by the Space Geodesy Project of NASA, introduces Geodesy in a nutshell. (...)

Documents on the History of IAG

The .zip document can be downloaded here.(...)

IAG booklet for JBGIS

The IAG booklet can be downloaded from the link below.(...)

IAG logos

The official IAG logos can be downloaded using the links below: Short version: vector (EPS)JPEG format (511x526 pixels)TIFF format (965x990 pixels) Long version: (...)

IAG Brochure

The IAG Brochure for the Geoscientific Community can be downloaded using the link below. NOTE: The brochure is optimized for printing, therefore the size of the PDF exceeds 3 Mb. The latest draft version of the IAG brochure can be downloaded here. The 3rd edition of the IAG leaflet can be downloaded here.(...)

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