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New Guidelines for Manuscript Submission to the Journal of Geodesy

Journal of Geodesy, as the merger and continuation of Bulletin Géodésique and Manuscripta Geodaetica, represents the oldest and most venerable international geodesy journal. Its mission is to disseminate high-quality papers on scientific problems of geodesy and related interdisciplinary sciences, concerning the entire range from theoretical and modeling studies to results of experiments and interpretations. Among regular research papers, the Journal of Geodesy publishes topic(...)

Description of the Global Geodetic Reference Frame

Preamble The United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution on a Global Geodetic Reference Frame for Sustainable Development (A/RES/69/266) on February 26, 2015. The purpose of this document is a description of the Global Geodetic Reference Frame (GGRF), along with a brief description of its key components, as a realization of the Global Geodetic Reference System (GGRS). This document forms the basis for a common understanding of the GGRF. It has been pr(...)

ITRF 2014 is available

The latest realization of the ITRF is available here.(...)

Call for Proposals on IAG Projects, Study Groups and Working Groups in the period 2015 – 2019

A new structure of the IAG Commissions and the Inter-Commission Committee on Theory (ICCT) will be set up in the months following the IUGG General Assembly, Prague, Czech Republic, June 22 – July 2, 2015. IAG associates are invited to submit proposals for Commission or Inter-commission Projects, Study Groups and Working Groups with a clear description of the terms of reference, objectives and planned activities. A Project may be established when a new scientific method or(...)

UN General Assembly urges sharing of geospatial data to benefit people and planet

26 February, New York – The science that supports the precise pinpointing of people and places should be shared more widely, according to the United Nations General Assembly as it adopted its first resolution recognizing the importance of a globally-coordinated approach to geodesy – the discipline focused on accurately measuring the shape, rotation and gravitational field of planet Earth. Geodesy plays an increasing role in people’s lives, from finding disaster victims to(...)

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