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Commission 1 - Reference Frames (2007-2011)

President: Zuheir Altamimi (France) Vice President: Mike Craymer (Canada) Terms of Reference Reference systems and frames are of primary importance for many Earth science researches and applications, satellite navigation as well as for practical applications in geo-information. A precisely defined reference frame is needed for the quantification of, e.g. Earth rotation and its gravity field, sea level variation, tectonic motion and de formation, p(...)

Commission 2 – Gravity Field (2007-2011)

President: Yoichi Fukuda (Japan) Vice President: Pieter Visser (The Netherlands) Terms of Reference Accurate determination of the gravity field and its temporal variations is a prime target of modern geodesy. It is closely related to geophysics, geodynamics, navigation, metrology and other related disciplines including the Earth’s environmental issues as well. To this end, Commission 2 was established at the IUGG in Sapporo in summer 2003 for promoting, suppor(...)

Commission 3 - Earth Rotation and Geodynamics (2007-2011)

President: Michael Bevis (USA) Vice President: Richard Gross (USA) Terms of Reference Geodynamics in the broader and most traditional sense addresses the forces that act on the earth, whether they derive from outside or inside of our planet, and the way in which the earth moves and deforms in response to these forces. This includes the entire range of phenomena associated with earth rotation and earth orientation such as polar motion, length of day variation, pr(...)

Commission 4 – Positioning and Applications (2007-2011)

President: Sandra Verhagen (The Netherlands) Vice President: Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska (USA) Terms of Reference To promote research into the development of a number of geodetic tools that have practical applications to engi-neering and mapping. The Commission will carry out its work in close cooperation with the IAG Services and other IAG Entities, as well as via linkages with relevant Entities within Scientific and Professional Sister Organi-sations. Recogn(...)

Commission 1 - Reference Frames (2003-2007)

President: Hermann Drewes (Germany) Vice President: C.K. Shum (USA) Terms of Reference (2003-2007) Geodetic reference frames are the basis for three-dimensional, time dependent positioning in global, regional and national networks, cadastre, engineering, precise navigation, geo-information, geodynamics, sea level studies, and other geosciences. They are necessary to consistently estimate unknown parameters using geodetic observations, e.g., stati(...)

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