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The Inter-Commission Committee on Theory (ICCT) (2007-2011)

President: Nico Sneeuw (Germany) Vice President: Pavel Novák (Czech Republic) Terms of Reference The InterCommission Committee on Theory (ICCT) was formally approved and established after the IUGG XXI Assembly in Sapporo, 2003, to succeed the former IAG Section IV on General Theory and Methodology and, more importantly, to interact actively and directly with other IAG entities. As a result of this restructuring, and recognizing that geodetic observing systems(...)

Inter-Commission Committee on Planetary Geodesy (ICCPG)

President: David Smith (USA) Vice-President: Georges Balmino (France)   Rationale Geodesy of the planets of the solar system and their satellites is a domain of potential IAG expansion in view of the planetary missions, such as the present missions to Mars, the Moon and the giant planets, and the future missions to Mars, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Titan, Saturn, the Galilean satellites, etc. A lot of data are already available, and pro(...)