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The Structure of IAG (2007-2011)

posted by
Sz. Rózsa
International Association of Geodesy (IAG)

1.IAG Executive Committee

1.1 IAG Bureau
President: Michael G. Sideris (Canada)
Vice President: Chris Rizos (Australia)
Secretary General: Hermann Drewes (Germany)

1.2 IAG Immediate Past President
President 2003-2007: Gerhard Beutler (Switzerland)

1.3 IAG Commissions
Commission 1: Reference Frames
President: Zuheir Altamimi (France)

Commission 2: Gravity Field
President: Yoichi Fukuda (Japan)

Commission 3: Earth Rotation and Geodynamics
President: Michael Bevis (USA)

Commission 4: Positioning and Applications
President: Sandra Verhagen (Netherlands)

1.4 Global Geodetic Observing System
GGOS Chair: Markus Rothacher (Germany)

1.5 Communication and Outreach Branch
COB President: József Ádám (Hungary)

1.6 Representatives of the Services
  • Steve Kenyon (USA)
  • Ruth Neilan (USA)
  • Harald Schuh (Austria)

1.7 Members at Large
  • Kosuke Heki (Japan)
  • Richard Wonnacott (S. Africa)

1.8 Non-voting Members

Inter-Commission Committee on Theory
President: Nico Sneeuw (Germany)

Assistant Secretary General: Helmut Hornik (Germany)

IAG Past Presidents:
  • Helmut Moritz (Austria)
  • Ivan I. Mueller (USA)
  • Wolfgang Torge (Germany)
  • Klaus-Peter Schwarz (Canada)
  • Fernando Sansň (Italy)

IAG Past Secretaries General:
  • Michel Louis (France)
  • Claude Boucher (France)
  • Christian C. Tscherning (Denmark)

2. IAG Office

Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut (DGFI)
Secretary General: Hermann Drewes (Germany)
Assistant Secretary General: Helmut Hornik (Germany)

3. IAG Communication and Outreach Branch

Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) / Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)
President: József Ádám (Hungary)
Secretary: Szabolcs Rózsa (Hungary)

4. Journal of Geodesy

Editor in Chief : Roland Klees (Netherlands)

5. Detailed Structure of the Commissions

5.1 Commission 1: Reference Frames
President: Zuheir Altamimi (France)

SC1.1: Coordination of Space Techniques
President: Markus Rothacher (Germany)

SC1.2: Global Reference Frames
President: Claude Boucher (France)

SC1.3: Regional Reference Frames
President: Joăo Torres (Portugal)

SC1.3 a: Europe
Chair: Johannes Ihde (Germany)

SC1.3 b: South and Central America
Chair: Claudio Bruyninx (Argentina)

SC1.3 c: North America
Chairs: Richard Snay (USA), Michael Craymer (Canada)

SC1.3 d: Africa
Chair: Richard Wonnacott (South Africa)

SC1.3 e: Asia-Pacific
Chair: Shigeru Matsuzaka (Japan)

SC1.3 f: Antarctica
Chair: Reinhard Dietrich (Germany)

SC1.4: Interaction of Celestial and Terrestrial Reference Frames
President: Harald Schuh (Austria)

Inter-Commission Project

IC-P1.1: Vertical Reference Frames (joint with Commis-sion 2 and IGFS)
Chair: Johannes Ihde (Germany)

Inter-Commission Study Groups

IC-SG1.1: Theory, Implementation and Quality Assess-ment of Geodetic Reference Frames (joint with ICCT, IERS)
Chair: Athanasios Dermanis (Greece)

IC-SG1.2: Quality of Sensor Networks (joint with ICCT, Commission 4)
Chair: Hansjörg Kutterer (Germany)

IC-SG1.3: Configuration Analysis of Earth Oriented Space Techniques (joint with ICCT, Com¬mis¬sions 3, 2)
Chair: F. Seitz (Germany)

Inter-Commission Working Groups

IC-WG1.1: Environment Loading: Modelling for Reference Frame and positioning applications (joint with Commission 4 and IERS)
Chairs: Tonie van Dam (Luxembourg), Jim Ray (USA)

IC-WG1.2: Precise Orbit Determination and Reference Frame Definition (joint with Commission 2)
Chair: Frank Lemoine (USA)

IC-WG1.3: Concepts and Terminology related to Geo-detic Reference Systems
Chair: Claude Boucher (France)

IC-WG1.4: Site Survey and Co-locations (joint with IERS)
Chair: Gary Johnston (Australia)

5.2 Commission 2: Gravity Field

President: Y. Fukuda (Japan)

SC2.1: Gravimetry and Gravity Networks
President: Leonid. F. Vitushkin (BIPM)

SC2.2: Spatial and Temporal Gravity Field and Geoid Modelling
President: Martin Vermeer (Finland)

SC2.3: Dedicated Satellite Gravity Mapping Missions
President: Roland Pail (Austria)

SC2.4: Regional Geoid Determination
President: Urs Marti (Switzerland)

SC2.5: Satellite Altimetry
President: Cheinway Hwang (Taiwan)

Commission Projects

CP2.1: European Gravity and Geoid
Chair: Heiner Denker (Germany)

CP2.2: North American Geoid
Chair: Dan Roman (USA)

CP2.3: African Geoid
Chair: Hussein Abd-Elmotaal (Egypt )

CP2.4: Antarctic Geoid
Chair: Mirko Scheinert (Germany)

CP2.5: Gravity and Geoid in South America
Chair: Maria Cristina Pacino (Argentina)

CP2.6: South Asian and Australian Geoid
Chair: Bill Kersley (Australia)

Study Groups

SG2.1: Comparisons of Absolute Gravimeters
Chair: Leonid F. Vitushkin (BIPM)

SG2.2: High-Resolution Forward Gravity Modelling for Improved Satellite Gravity Missions Results
Chair: Michael Kuhn (Australia)

Inter-Commission Projects

IC-P3.1: GGP Global Geodynamics Project (joint with Commission 3)
Chair: David Crossley (USA)

Inter-Commission Study Groups

IC-SG4: Inverse Problems and Global Optimization (joint with ICCT)
Chair: Christopher Kotsakis (Greece)

IC-SG5 Satellite Gravity Theory (joint with ICCT)
Chair: Torsten Mayer-Gürr (Germany)

Inter-Commission Working Groups
IC-WG 2.1: Absolute Gravimetry (joint with IGFS)
Chair: Herbert Wilmes (Germany)

IC-WG 2.2: Evaluation of Global Earth Gravity Models (joint with IGFS)
Chair: Jianliang Huang (Canada)

5.3 Commission 3: Earth Rotation and Geo-dynamics

President: Michael Bevis (USA)
Vice-President: Richard Gross (USA)


SC 3.1: Earth Rotation and Earth Tides
President: Gerhard Jentzsch (Germany)

SC 3.2: Tectonic Deformation
President: Markku Poutanen (Finland)

SC 3.3 Geophysical Fluids
President: Aleksander Brzezinski (Poland)

SC 3.4: Cryospheric Change and Earth Deformation
President: James Davis (USA)

Inter-Commission Project

IC-P3.1: Global Geodynamics Project (GGP) (joint with Commission 2)
Chair: David Crossley (USA)

IC-P3.2: Working Group of European Geoscientists for the Establishment of Networks for Earth Science Research (WEGENER) (joint with Com¬mission 3)
Chair: Susanna Zerbini (Italy)

Inter-Commission Study Group

IC-SG7: Temporal Variations of Deformation and Gravity (joint with ICCT)
Chair: Detlef Wolf (Germany)

5.4 Commission 4: Positioning and Applications
President: Sandra Verhagen (Netherlands)
Vice-President: Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska (USA)


SC 4.1: Multi-Sensor Systems
President: Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska (USA)

SC 4.2: Applications of Geodesy in Engineering
President: Günther Retscher (Austria)

SC 4.3: Remote Sensing and Modelling of the Atmo-sphere
President: Marcelo Santos (Canada)

SC 4.4: Applications of Satellite and Airborne Imaging systems
President: Xiaoli Ding (Hong Kong)

SC 4.5: High-precision GNSS (note: name change)
President: Yang Gao (Canada)

Study Groups

SG 4.1: GNSS Remote Sensing and Applications
Chair: Shuanggen Jin (South Korea)

SG 4.2 IGS Products for Network RTK and Atmosphere Monitoring
Chair: Robert Weber (Austria)

Inter-Commission Working Groups

IC-WG 1.1: Environment Loading: Modelling for Refer-ence Frame and Positioning Applications (joint with Commission 1)
Chair: Tonie van Dam (Luxembourg)

Inter-Commission Study Groups

IC-SG 2: Quality of Sensor Networks (joint with ICCT)
Chair: Hansjörg Kutterer (Germany)

IC-SG 6: InSAR for Tectonophysics (joint with ICCT)
Chair: Masato Furuya (Japan)

6. InterCommission Committee on Theory (ICCT)

President: Nico Sneeuw (Germany)
Vice President: Pavel Novák (Czech Republic)

Inter-Commission Study Groups
IC-SG1: Theory, Implementation and Quality Assessment of Geodetic Reference Frames (joint with Commission 1, IERS)
Chair: Athanasios Dermanis (Greece)

IC-SG2: Quality of Geodetic Multi-Sensor Systems and Networks (joint with Commissions 4, 1)
Chair: Hansjörg Kutterer (Germany)

IC-SG3: Configuration analysis of Earth Oriented Space Techniques (joint with Commissions 3, 2, 1)
Chair: Florian Seitz (Germany)

IC-SG4: Inverse Theory and Global Optimization
(joint with Commission 2)
Chair: Christopher Kotsakis (Greece)

IC-SG5: Satellite Gravity Theory (joint with Commission 2)
Chair: Torsten Mayer-Gürr (Germany)

IC-SG6: InSAR for Tectonophysics (joint with Commissions 3, 4)
Chair: Masato Furuya (Japan)

IC-SG7: Temporal Variations of Deformation and Gravity (joint with Commissions 3, 2)
Chair: Detlef Wolf (Germany)

IC-SG8: Towards cm-accurate Geoid – Theories, Computational Methods and Validation (joint with Comm. 2)
Chair: Y. M. Wang (USA)

7. IAG Services

Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM), Section Time, Frequency and Gravimetry
Head of Section: Elisa Felicitas Arias (France)

IAG Bibliographic Service (IBS)
Chair: Annekathrin Michlenz (Germany)

International Altimeter Service (IAS)
Chairman of the Steering Committee: Wolfgang Bosch (Germany)

International Centre for Earth Tides (ICET)
Chair: Jean-Pierre Barriot (France)

International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM)
Director: Jürgen Kusche (Germany)

International Digital Elevation Models Service (IDEMS)
Director: Philippa Berry (UK)

International DORIS Service (IDS)
Chair of Governing Board: Gilles Tavernier (France)
Director of Central Bureau: Laurent Soudarin (France)

International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS)
Chair of Directing Board: Chopo Ma USA)
Director of Central Bureau: Bernd Richter (Germany)

International Geoid Service (IGeS)
President/Director: Riccardo Barzaghi (Italy)

International GNSS Service (IGS)
Chair of Governing Board: John Dow (Germany)
Director Central Bureau: Ruth Neilan (USA)

International Gravimetric Bureau (Bureau Gravimetrique International (BGI)
Director : Sylvain Bonvalot (France)

International Gravity Field Service (IGFS)
Chair: Rene Forsberg (Denmark)

International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS)
Chair of Gov. Board: Werner Gurtner (Switzerland)
Director Central Bureau: Michael Pearlman (USA)

International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS)
Chair of Directing Board: Harald Schuh (Austria)
Director Coordinating Centre: Dirk Behrend (USA)

Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL)
Director: Lesley J. Rickards (UK)

8. Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS)

Chair: Markus Rothacher (Germany)
Vice-Chairs: Ruth Neilan (USA), Hans-Peter Plag (USA)

Steering Committee
  • GGOS Chair (votes in case of a tie)
  • Vice-Chairs (2)
  • Chair of GGOS Science Panel
  • Chairs of GGOS Working Groups* (1 or more)
  • Head Coordinating Office (ex-officio)
  • IAG EC Representative (ex-officio)
  • IAG Commission Representatives* (4)
  • Service Representatives* (1 per service – 10 or more)
  • Members-at-Large (4 or more)

Executive Committee
  • Markus Rothacher (Germany)
  • Ruth Neilan (USA)
  • Hans-Peter Plag (USA)
  • Chopo Ma (USA)
  • Michael Pearlman (USA)
  • Susanna Zerbini (Italy)

GGOS Science Panel
Chair: Richard Gross (USA)

Working Groups

Ground Networks and Communications
Chair: Michael Pearlman (USA)

Satellite Missions
Chair: Srinivas Bettadpur (USA)

User Linkage and Outreach
Chair: Bente Lilja Bye (Norway)

Data and Information Systems
Chair: Bernd Richter (Germany), Carey Noll (USA)

Conventions, Modelling, Analysis
Chair: Hermann Drewes (Germany)

GEO Representation
Chair: Hans-Peter Plag (USA)