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The IAG Forum is available!

posted by
Sz. Rózsa
Dear IAG Members,

As a new service of the IAG website, the IAG Forum has been opened. The Forum is a place for discussions, sending feedback to the Communication and Outreach Branch (COB) and any other entity of the IAG, or just expressing the oppinion on any IAG or Geodesy related topics.

The service is available only to the IAG Members, after logging in using the username and password already sent to the e-mail address of the members. If You have not received this e-mail, or You have simply forgotten the login data, please do not hesitate to contact the IAG COB, and a new password will be sent to You.

After logging in (see the Forum link in the menu system), all the members have the privilege to open new topics for discussions, and reply to previous postings.

IAG COB hopes that the Forum will give the members another opportunity to build international contacts, and enhance the scientific and non-scientific discussions within IAG.

Communication and Outreach Branch