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Invitation for proposals for changes to the IAG Statutes and By-laws

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Sz. Rózsa
Article 16 of IAG’s Statutes specifies that the Association shall review its Statutes and Bylaws to ensure an up-to-date structure of its scientific organization every eight years. The last time such a review was initiated was about eight years ago under the presidency of Gerard Beutler. It is now therefore time that we again take a fresh look at our Statutes and Bylaws. To achieve this goal, a Review Committee (traditionally called the Cassinis Committee) was appointed in the fall of 2011 by the IAG Executive. The committee is chaired by Michael Sideris and includes as members Harald Schuh and Ruth Neilan. A proposal with all suggested revisions will be made by the Cassinis Committee for consideration by the IAG Executive and possibly the Council at the 2013 Scientific Assembly. In this way, we are hoping to get the Council’s reaction and input to the proposed changes before these are finalized and approved at the next IUGG General Assembly in 2015.

With this announcement, the Cassinis Committee is inviting proposals for changes of any article of the Statutes and Bylaws. Proposals can be submitted through the IAG Forum here. Please note that current and former IAG members may access this page with their personal login name and password, which was issued during the registration of IAG membership. Other colleagues may register for a free account to the IAG Forum here.

All proposals submitted between February 1, 2012 and February 1, 2013 will be considered by the Cassinis Committee.

When submitting changes, please cite the the number of the corresponding Article in the Statutes or Bylaws they refer to.

We are very much looking forward to receiving your contributions.

Michael Sideris, Harald Schuh, Ruth Neilan, Yoichi Fukuda