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Call for Proposals on IAG Projects, Study Groups and Working Groups in the period 2015 – 2019

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Sz. Rózsa
A new structure of the IAG Commissions and the Inter-Commission Committee on Theory (ICCT) will be set up in the months following the IUGG General Assembly, Prague, Czech Republic, June 22 – July 2, 2015. IAG associates are invited to submit proposals for Commission or Inter-commission Projects, Study Groups and Working Groups with a clear description of the terms of reference, objectives and planned activities.

A Project may be established when a new scientific method or a new technique is being developed, or when it seems appropriate to apply an existing technique to a specific geographic area where international collaboration is required. It is established for one period and may be extended for another period subject to a positive review.

A Study Group or Working Group may be established to address clearly defined and well-focused scientific topics of limited scope. A Study Group is dealing with more theoretical issues and a Working Group with more practical realizations. They are established for one period or less.

Inter-Commission Committees handle well defined, important and permanent tasks involving all commissions. The ICCT strongly encourages frontier mathematical and physical research, provides the channel of communication amongst the different IAG components, helps in articulating mathematical and physical challenges of geodesy, and seeks closer research ties with relevant areas of Earth sciences.

Proposals for Projects, Study Groups or Working Groups shall be sent to the responsible Commission or ICCT President, in case of joint groups related to more than one commission to all involved Presidents, with a copy to the IAG Secretary General (iag.office@tum.de):
Commission 1 “Reference Frames”: Geoffrey Blewitt (gblewitt@unr.edu),
Commission 2 “Gravity Field”: Roland Pail (pail@bv.tum.de),
Commission 3 “Earth Rotation and Geodynamics”: Manabu Hashimoto (hashimoto.manabu.7e@kyoto-u.ac.jp),
Commission 4 “Positioning and Applications”: Marcelo Santos (msantos@unb.ca),
Inter-Commission Committee on Theory: TBD, presently: Nico Sneeuw (sneeuw@gis.uni-stuttgart.de).

Hermann Drewes
IAG Secretary General