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Symposium on "20 Years of Progress on Radar Altimetry"

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Sz. Rózsa
The Symposium on "20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry" organised by the European Space Agency and the French Space Agency, CNES, will be held over 6 days, from 24 to 29 of September 2012, in Venice-Lido, Italy.
Several related events will take place on the same week, including the annual meeting of the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST), the next International DORIS Service (IDS) workshop as well as other thematic workshops , such as, Sea Level for Climate, Coastal Zone, Space for Hydrology, Argo, etc.
The website for the Symposium is now online at: http://www.altimetry2012.org

The IDS workshop (24-26 September) will provide a forum to review the progress in the DORIS technique and provide perspectives for the contributions of DORIS to GGOS.
Topics that are of particular interest are:
  • the status of analyses by the DORIS analysis centers,
  • the contribution of new DORIS satellites (including Jason-2, Cryosat-2, SARAL/Altika),
  • and the progress in DORIS analyses since the construction of the IDS combination to ITRF2008.

We also welcome papers that describe the progress of the activities pertaining to the DORIS operational combination. POD modelling issues related to radiation pressure, atmospheric drag, geocenter motion model, tropospheric delay and mapping functions, and phase center corrections affect the quality of the DORIS products and papers that review progress in these areas will be especially welcome.

DORIS being a dual-frequency radio technique, provides a mean to sound the ionosphere, and we welcome papers that use or compare the DORIS measurements with models or to calibrate the performance of satellite radar altimeters or make other uses of these ionosphere data.

Finally the DORIS workshop will provide a forum to discuss IDS Combined products and multi-technique combinations involving DORIS data.

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