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Proposal to establish the Inter-Commission Committee on Geodetic Standards (ICCGS)

posted by
Sz. Rózsa
Planning Group

B. Heck (Chair, EC)
E. Groten
L. Hothem
J. Ihde
D. McCarthy
E. Pavlis
C. Wilson (EC)


The scientific work of the Commissions, Services and Projects in IAG is largely based on models, parameters, procedures and algorithms which should be used in a consistent way in the different branches of Geodesy and the IAG sub-entities. To achieve consistency in the standards proposed by different organizations, close cooperation between the different agencies is necessary. The ICC on Geodetic Standards is proposed to take over this coordinating role. It will have the following two major tasks:
  1. Coordination of the work related to create and revise standards and conventions, in close cooperation with the groups hitherto responsible in their field.

  2. Point of contact for groups outside IAG responsible for standardizing (e.g. ISO, IAU, ISPRS, …). The following preliminary terms of reference describe the tasks and responsibilities of the proposed ICCGS.

Preliminary terms of reference

  • The ICCGS provides a platform for the discussion of models, procedures and algorithms to be recommended in Geodesy

  • The ICCGS investigates the consistency of the models, procedures and algorithms used in different fields of geodetic practice, e.g. in the IAG Services

  • The ICCGS evaluates the numerical values of fundamental geodetic constants and parameters and proposes current "best estimates"

  • Informs and contacts interested groups outside IAG, e.g. IAU, ISO…

  • The ICCGS supports the IAG Commissions, Services and Project (IGGOS) in defining and revising conventions

  • The ICCGS closely interacts with the IAG Services, in particular IERS, and IGGOS in creating standards

  • The ICCGS proposes revision of officially adopted models, procedures and standards

  • The ICCGS organizes symposia, workshops and other meetings as forum for discussion

  • ICCGS Steering Committee:
      President - appointed by IAG EC
      Vice-President – appointed by IAG EC
      One representative from each of the four commissions
      One representative from each IERS and International Gravity Field Service

  • ICCGS Advisory Committee:
      ICCGS Steering Committee plus representatives from sister organizations (ISPRS, IAU, ….) IGGOS, ICCT, Services = extended Steering Committee, where the additional members have voice but no vote.

  • Working Groups, 2 proposals at present
    • WG on Fundamental Constants and Parameters

    • WG on handling of permanent tides in positioning, gravity field, satellite altimetry and Earth Rotation (joint with IERS/BIPM)

  • Corresponding members