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March 2009

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Gyula Tóth
IAG Newsletter March 2009

March 2009

Editor: Gyula Tóth

IAG Communication and Outreach Branch

MTA-BME Research Group for Phys. Geod. and Geodyn.

 Department of Geodesy and Surveying

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

H-1521 Budapest, Hungary

Information Service of the International Association of Geodesy

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General Announcements. 2

GOCE Launched. 2

Meeting Announcements. 2

VII Hotine-Marussi Symposium 2009 on Theoretical Geodesy. 2

Geodesy for Planet Earth. 3

IAG Sponsored Meetings. 3

EOGC2009. 3

VII Hotine-Marussi Symposium 2009 on Theoretical Geodesy. 3

Geodesy for Planet Earth. 4

IAG Related Meetings. 4

ASEE Spring 2009 Northeast Conference. 4

EGU General Assembly 2009. 4

FIG Working Week 2009. 4

230th Anniversary of MIIGAiK.. 4

Training School on GIA Modelling. 4

SGEM 2009. 5

TRANS-NAV 2009. 5

CCCT 2009. 5

SPACOMM 2009. 5

6th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology – MMT’09. 5

6th International Symposium onLBS & TeleCartography. 5

GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2009 Conference. 5

ION GNSS 2009. 6

International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop. 6

IAG Sister Societies’ General Assemblies. 6

Associations’ Scientific Assemblies of the IUGG.. 6




The IAG Newsletter is under the editorial responsibility of the Communication and Outreach Branch (COB) of the  IAG.

It is an open forum and contributors are welcome to send material (preferably in electronic form) to the IAG COB (newsletter@iag-aig.org). These contributions should complement information sent by IAG officials or by IAG symposia organizers (reports and announcements). The IAG Newsletter is published monthly. It is available in different formats from the IAG new internet site: http://www.iag-aig.org

Each IAG Newsletter includes several of the following topics:

I.        news from the Bureau Members

II.      general information

III.    reports of IAG symposia

IV.    reports by commissions, special commissions or study groups

V.      symposia announcements

VI.    book reviews

VII.  fast bibliography

Books for review are the responsibility of:

C.C Tscherning

University of Copenhagen

Dept. of Geophysics

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fax: +45 35365357

E-mail: cct@gfy.ku.dk




GOCE Launched

Photo: ESA


The Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) was finally lofted into a near-Sun-synchronous, low Earth orbit by a Rockot launcher lifting off from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia at 15:21 CET (14:21 GMT), 17 March 2009. GOCE was injected into orbit at an altitude of about 280 km, from where the satellite will ‘fall’ gradually to its operational altitude of around 260 km.

The GOCE is an ESA mission dedicated to measuring the Earth's gravity field and modelling the geoid with extremely high accuracy and spatial resolution. It is the first Earth Explorer Core mission to be developed as part of ESA's Living Planet Programme. During the critical Launch and Early Orbit Phase beginning with separation from its booster on 17 March, GOCE was checked out to confirm that all of its control systems are operating normally. "GOCE is operating very well, and we are already looking forward to commissioning our other main instrument, the Electrostatic Gravity Gradiometer, starting in mid-April. It's going to be a very busy but tremendously exciting time as we begin science operations," said GOCE Mission Manager Rune Floberghagen.


Source: www.esa.int





VII Hotine-Marussi Symposium 2009 on Theoretical Geodesy

6–10 July 2009, Rome, Italy, Sapienza Universitŕ di Roma


Scientific Organization Committee:

  • Nico Sneeuw
  • Pavel Novák
  • Fernando Sansň
  • Study group chairs and steering committee members of IAG InterCommission Committee on Theory (IAG-ICCT)


Local Organization Committee:

  • Mattia Crespi, G. Colosimo, F. Fratarcangeli, A. Mazzoni, F. Pieralice


The main goals of the Symposium are aligned with the objectives of the ICCT:

  • advances in theoretical geodesy
  • developments in geodetic modelling and data processing, in the light of the recent advances of the geodetic observing systems
  • connections and contribution exchanges between geodesy and other Earth sciences 

In particular, all the topics regarding  the activities of  the  ICCT Study Groups are of  interest and related papers are strongly encouraged:

  • theory, implementation and quality assessment of geodetic reference frames 
  • quality of geodetic multi-sensor systems and networks 
  • configuration analysis of Earth oriented space techniques
  • inverse theory and global optimization 
  • satellite gravity theory 
  • InSAR for tectonophysics 
  • temporal variations of deformation and gravity
  • towards cm-accurate geoid - theories, computational methods and validation 
  • application of time-series analysis in geodesy 


The first circular letter is available from http://w3.uniroma1.it/Hotine-marussi_Symposium_2009/Circulars.asp. The website http://w3.uniroma1.it/Hotine-marussi_Symposium_2009/ have been set up with additional information on the Symposium. New Abstract submission deadline is April 15, 2009.


Scientific and Local Organizing Committee




Geodesy for Planet Earth

IAG 2009 Scientific Assembly, Buenos Aires, Argentine, August 31 to September 4, 2009




2nd Circular is reachable through the webpage of the conference www.iag2009.com.ar.



Important Dates


  • Postponed deadline of Early Registration: April 16th, 2009
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance: March, 2009
  • Deadline for accommodation booking at Intercontinental Hotel (Special Rate): May 1st, 2009
  • Third Circular: June, 2009
  • Deadline for Submission of Full-Papers Manuscripts: September 30th, 2009


Local Organizing Committee




IAG Sponsored Meetings


May 25-29, 2009, Chengdu, China

The Second International Conference on Earth Observation for Global Changes (EOGC2009) will take place in Chengdu, China, 25-29 May 2009. Knowledge about changes to the Earth's surface and the underlying processes that induce them has enormous impacts on how society responds to these changes. With its remarkable progress in the past decade, Earth observation technology has been playing a crucial role in studies on global changes. EOGC2009 promises to bring together a broad range of scientists, researchers, students, and practitioners worldwide in leading academic institutions and government and industrial laboratories, to enjoy a week of technical sessions, tutorials, exhibits and social activities. Please visit http://www.eogc2009.com.cn/ for details.

6–10 July 2009, Rome, Italy, Sapienza Universitŕ di Roma

The main goals of the Symposium are advances in theoretical geodesy, developments in geodetic modelling and data processing in the light of the recent advances of the geodetic observing systems, connections and contribution exchanges between geodesy and other Earth sciences. The first circular letter is available from http://w3.uniroma1.it/Hotine-marussi_Symposium_2009/Circulars.asp. The website http://w3.uniroma1.it/‌Hotine-marussi_Symposium_2009/ have been set up with additional information on the Symposium.

IAG 2009 Buenos Aires

August 31 to September 4, 2009

The International Association of Geodesy Scientific Assembly IAG2009 that will be hosted by the IUGG National Committee together with the Argentine Association of Geophysics and Geodesy, will take place in the city of Buenos Aires. IAG2009 will be an event that covers the whole of geodesy in an exciting social environment that extends our knowledge, improves our practice, and widens our friendship networks. Following the long outstanding tradition of these scientific assemblies, IAG2009 will be a major scientific event, bringing together geodesists from all over the world, and demonstrating the vital role that geodesy plays in our society. This will be the main geodetic meeting in 2009. 2nd Circular is reachable through the webpage of the conference www.iag2009.com.ar.



IAG Related Meetings

April 3-4, 2009, Connecticut, USA

The Spring 2009 Northeast ASEE Conference will be held on April 3-4, 2009 at the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A. This year's conference theme is: Engineering in the New Global Economy. The deadline for abstract submission is February 27th, 2009. Prospective authors are invited to submit their abstracts online through the conference website at http://www.asee2009online.org.

April 19-24, 2009, Vienna, Austria

The EGU General Assembly 2009 will bring together geoscientists from all over Europe and the rest of the world into one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences. Especially for young scientists the EGU appeals to provide a forum to present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geosciences. The Abstract submission deadline is 13 January 2009. Detailed information is available from the following webpage: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2009/.

May 3-8, 2009, Eilat, Israel

The FIG Working Week 2009 will take place in Eilat, a resort city at the southernmost edge of Israel, on the shores of the Red Sea. The Working Week be held on 3-8 May 2009. The Working Week will gather international professionals and academia members from the fields of land surveying, land and real-estate appraisal, GIS, spatial planning, environmental awareness, and civil engineering. Please visit www.fig.net/fig2009 for details.

May 25-29, 2009, Moscow, Russia

An International Conference on Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre in the 21st century is to be held within the framework of celebrating the 230th Anniversary of Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIAGiK) on May 25-29, 2009, Moscow, Russia. The webpage of the Conference is http://230.miigaik.ru/.

June 1-5, 2009, Gaevle, Sveeden

The main objective of this Training School is to give early-stage researchers whose principal area of expertise is not in Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) modeling an intensive training on numerical GIA modeling. The training will not be limited to the solid-earth deformation process of GIA only, but will also involve glaciological modeling of the disappearing Late-Pleistocene ice sheets on the one hand and GIA-induced sea-level change on the other hand. The school is organzied by the COST action ES0701 "improved constraints on models of GIA" but is open to everyone with relevant interest and background.

See http://www.cost-es0701.gcparks.com/index.php/activities/training-schools for further information and registration. Deadline March 31.

June 14-20, 2009, Albena Resort, Bulgaria

The International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geo-Conference & EXPO – SGEM 2009 will bring together researchers, educators, and practitioners representing research and educational institutions, companies, government agencies and consulting organizations from all over the world to exchange ideas, to define the research priorities and to propose potential solutions of the problems related to the new reality of global changes. The deadline for abstract submission is 31 March 2009. The webpage http://www.sgem.org contains additional information.

June 17-19, 2009, Gdynia, Poland

The upcoming 8th International Navigational Symposium on "Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation" TRANS-NAV 2009 is organised jointly by the Faculty of Navigation, Gdynia Maritime University and The Nautical Institute from 17 to 19 June 2009 in Gdynia, Poland. The Conference website is http://transnav.am.gdynia.pl. The Symposium is addressed to scientists and professionals in order to share their expert knowledge, experience and research results concerning all aspects of navigation, safety of navigation and sea transportation.

July 10-13, 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA

The 7th International Conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies: CCCT 2009 (http://www.2009iiisconferences.org/CCCT) will take place in Orlando, Florida, USA, on July 10th - 13th, 2009. CCCT Conferences are yearly events intended to serve as an encounter point for Computer, Communications and Control Technologies researchers, practitioners, consultants and users who have been interchanging ideas, research results and innovations in the mentioned areas and other related topics. The deadline to submit a paper/abstract is November 12th, 2008.

July 20-25, 2009, Colmar, France

The First International Conference on Advances in Satellite and Space Communications will be held in Colmar, France, July 20-25, 2009. The Conference webpage http://www.iaria.org/conferences2009/SPACOMM09.html provides further details.

6th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology – MMT’09

July 21-24, 2009, Presidente Prudente, Săo Paulo, Brazil

The 6th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology “Mobile Mapping Serving the Information Society” will take place in Presidente Prudente, Săo Paulo, Brazil, July 21-24, 2009. The main objective of the conference is to discuss the most recent technology and its application, to exchange experiences and to promote future research aiming at the development and the production in the fields related to mobile mapping. You may want to check out the website http://www.fct.unesp.br/eventos/simposio/mmt09/ingles to get preliminary information on MMT’09.

September 2-4, 2009, Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham, UK

The symposium will bring together experts from around the world to present the latest research results and developments with focus on Location Based Services in the fields of Cartography, Geoinformation, Computer Sciences, Telecommunication, Geodesy, and Geomedia Techniques. For further information see: http://www.lbs2009.org/.

September 2-5, 2009, Baska, Krk Island, Croatia

The 2nd GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2009 Conference is to be held on 2-5 September 2009 in Baska, Krk Island, Croatia. This four-day event aims to gather GNSS experts and focuses on GNSS problems and vulnerabilities, as well as to developments aiming to improve the accuracy and reliability of GNSS. For further information please refer to the Call for Papers, which can be downloaded from http://www.rin.org.uk/files/POOL/ulnerabilitiesAndSolutions2009_CallForPapers.pdf.

September 22-25, 2009, Georgia, USA

The Institute of Navigation’s GNSS 2009 (technical sessions and exhibits) will be held at the Savannah International Convention Center, Savannah, Georgia. Pre-conference tutorials will be held in Savannah on September 21-22. See the ION website (www.ion.org) for details.

October 21 – 23, 2009, Bonn, Germany

The Third United Nations International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop: Disaster Management and Space Technology From Concepts to Applications is being jointly organized by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The workshop will be held in Bonn, Germany, from 21 – 23 October 2009 in the UN Building in Bonn. Please check out: http://www.unoosa.org/oosa/en/unspider/workshops.html.




IAG Sister Societies’ General Assemblies

  • IUGG/IAGA, August 23-30, 2009, Sopron, Hungary
  • IUGG/IAHS, September 7-12, 2009, Hyderabad, India
  • IUGG/IAG, August 31-September 4, 2009, Buenos Aires , Argentina
  • IUGG/IACS-IAMAS-IAPSO, July 19-29, 2009, Montreal, Canada