M. van Camp | 2021-05-10

IAG workshop on 'Quantum gravimetry in space and on ground'

We invite you to attend the IAG workshop on « Quantum gravimetry in space and on ground » 26th and 27th of May 2021 2:00-5:00 PM CEST.
This meeting covers quantum gravity sensing, from the development of the sensors and their characterization, to a large panel of present and future applications.

We bring together instrument scientists from the quantum physics community and users from the geoscience community.

Program and registration:


The workshop is organized by the Working group on Quantum gravimetry in space and on ground of the IAG Project – Novel Sensors and Quantum Technology for Geodesy (QuGe, https://quge.iag-aig.org/). The goal of this WG, created in 2020, is to elaborate the major benefit and most promising applications of atom interferometry for gravimetry and inertial sensing in space and on the ground.

The working group is chaired by Franck Pereira (chair), Head of the Atom Interferometry and Inertial Sensors group at the Observatoire de Paris, and Michel Van Camp (vice-chair), head of the Seismology-Gravimetry group at the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

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